Eridan’s Change Ch.2- We Like To Party

Title: Eridan’s Change

Summary: Post-Game, trolls on Earth. Eridan is tired of avoiding most of his old team mates and being called a fishy douchebag. He’s mostly tired of being who he is. So, he decides to make a change, with a little help from Kanaya and Rose.

Author’s notes: Wait, what? You like this. There are people that like my work. Que freak-out please. XD Well here’s to you people that liked this!

Ch.2- We Like To Party

Two weeks later, Eridan stood with Equius, Gamzee, and Rose at a party at the Nitram’s place. Rufioh had taken to throwing the best parties in town, and of course all his and Tavros’s friends were invited.

"Hey Rose," Eridan turned to the blonde. "Where’s Dave? I knoww Dirk took ower the deejay booth, but I hawen’t seen his bro since earlier."

Rose pointed to a corner of the room. “I believe he is trying to woo Karkat over there.”

Sure enough, Karkat was lounging against a wall with Dave leaning towards him. They couldn’t tell what was being said, but Karkat’s blush and Dave’s smirk made it clear that something was going on between the two knights. Eridan shook his head in disbelief.

"Newer thought Kar wwould like a guy like him. Learn somefin neww eweryday, huh?" The four of them laughed.

Suddenly, Eridan gasped and ducked behind Gamzee. “Whoa, what’s wrong Eri-bro?” Gamzee slurred, sopor since re-entered his system after the game.

"It’s Sol an Fef!" Eridan peeked out. Sure enough, the pair were across the room, chatting with Latula and Mituna. Most people were wearing thier usual clothes, but Feferi had shorts and a rainbow t-shirt on, and Sollux sported a yellow tank top, black zip jacket tied around his waist, and baggy pants.

Equius sighed at the purple-blood. “Eridan, you’re going to have to face them sometime, preferably sooner than later.” Eridan flinched.

"I knoww," he looked at the floor. "I’m just afraid they’ll still be mad at me. I did krill Fef after all…"

"Yes," Rose smiled at him, "but I’ve spoken to her. She and her moirail forgive you. Everyone makes mistakes Eridan."

He stepped out from behind the indigo-blood. “Wwait- did you say moirail?”

"Yes. Feferi and Sollux are moirails. She told me herself."

"Oh," Eridan glanced at them. "Wwell, if they come ower here, I’ll talk to them."

 ”Alright then.”

****P.O.V. SWITCH ==> SOLLUX****

Sollux laughed as Latula and Mituna walked away. “Thothe two are pretty cool, and hilaruouth.”

Feferi’s lips twitched into a smile. “They shore are!”

Sollux looked around. Everyone looked like they were having the times of thier lives, dancing and chatting and generally goofing off.

"Hey," he spotted Rose and the three troll guys with her. "Who ith that?" Sollux pointed to the boy in the middle, the only one he didn’t recognize.

Feferi followed his gaze. “I’m… not shore, but he’s kinda cute!”

"I’ve gotta agree with you there."

The boy wore a deep purple half sleeve shirt, black-and-purple tye-dye pants, and a purple bandana around his neck. Man, he thought, This guy sure likes purple. His hair, interrupted by a violent purple streak, was swept back past his lightning-shaped horns. His eyes widened; he recognized those horns.

"FF… That’s ED."

"What? Are you shore?"

 ”Yea, come on!” he grabbed her hand, pulling her over to the familiar faces. He saw Eridan’s eyes widen with… fear? “Ith that you ED?” Sollux asked him.

"Yea, it’s me. Howw… howw are you?"

"Wow Eridan, you look so different! It’s cool!" Feferi hugged him. "We heard you were going to change, but I never thought your look would be included!"

Eridan laughed and hugged her back, much to Sollux’s disbelief. “Wwell at least noww I don’t look like a complete tool. Thanks Fef.”

"I’ll give you that much," Sollux recovered his voice. "Where have you been?"

 ”Around,” Eridan waved his hand, as if batting away a fly. “It’s not important.”

 ”Well it’s great to sea you again!” Feferi giggled, then turned to Equius. “You wanna dance with me Equi-fish?” Not even waiting for an answer, she dragged the already sweating boy. Sollux looked to the others, only to find them already gone. Rose had walked over to Kanaya while Gamzee wandered over to where Tavros and Vriska were sitting. Sweat-dropping, He looked at Eridan, the only one left. The sea troll looked back awkwardly.

"So… I just wwanna say sorry, Sol, For eweryfin I did durin the Game."

"It’th fine ED. We all forgave you, tho it’th no hard feelingth." Eridan looked relieved.

"That’s great, I mean, I wwas kinda scared you wwouldn’t forgiwe me."

Sollux raised an eyebrow. “Jutht me?”

"Oh no, I just," he stuttered, light purple tingeing his face.

Kinda cute, Sollux thought. Wait, what? But Eridan started speaking again before he could chase that train of thought.

"You an Fef were the only ones I hadn’t talked to yet. I’m guessin she forgiwes me, seein as she looked happy to see me."

"Yea, I think thhe mithed you a little." The two shifted awkwardly, neither knowing what to say to the other. Finally, Sollux spoke. "Tho… Wanna dance?"

"Wwha-?" Eridan looked stunned. "Uh, I don’t really dance, I’m not that good."

 Sollux chuckled. “Niether am I, but here all you have two do ith flail your armth and you’re danthing.”

Eridan laughed, and Sollux found himself reveling in the sound. “Alright, lets go!”

Sollux followed Eridan to the area dubbed the “dance-floor”, which was basically a large area with no furniture and a bunch of people flailing like Sollux said. They started dancing, moving to the beat. Sollux marveled at the other boy’s fluidity, his whole body one wave-like movement.

Soon the song ended, and a slower song came on. Eridan looked around as people paired up to dance. He and Sollux were stuck in the middle of the floor.

"Wwell…" Eridan looked at the other boy. "Wwanna dance Sol?"

"Th-Thure, I gueth," he stuttered. He placed his hands on Eridan’s waist, and the other wrapped his arms around his neck. Eridan closed his eyes, listening to the music, which he recognized as "Perfect Two", by some human artist called Auburn.

Sollux shifted. Everywhere he looked, couples were slow-dancing in the dimming light. He spotted Feferi again, this time with Aradia, along with Gamzee and Equius, Rose and Kanaya, and Karkat and Dave. Sollux did a double take at the two boys, not believing what he had seen. Sure enough, they were revolving slowly with the other couples, though thier lips moved as if they were bickering about something.

 He turned back to Eridan, who had followed his gaze to the knights. “They’re cute together,” he murmured to no one in particular.

"Yea, and now that I think about it, not that unexpected," Sollux replied.

Eridan laughed again. “This is so wweird. It’s just…easy here,” he looked at Sollux.

"Yea. It’th the firtht time we’re together and not fighting, I think."

"Yea," Eridan smiled at him.

 As the song ended, Feferi and Gamzee walked up to them. “Looks like you two are having fun!” Feferi giggled. The boys broke apart immediately, faces slightly flushed with embarrassment.

Eridan cleared his throat. “Wwell I think I’ll be headin home; it’s gettin kinda late.”

 ”Yea,” Sollux scratched the back of his neck. “Thankth for the danthe, I gueth.”

 ”Yea…Wwell see ya!” And with that, the purple-blood walked away.

Feferi shot Sollux a mischievous look. “Were you having fun?”

"Huh? Oh, yea, yea," he answered absentmindedly, still staring after Eridan.

"You like him!"

"What?" Sollux whipped around. "No I don’t!

Feferi giggled. “You totally do.”

Sollux folded his arms and walked away, huffing.

****P.O.V. CHANGE ==>ERIDAN****

Eridan slumped onto his bed and stared up at the ceiling. The last hour played through his head. The party, seeing Sol and Fef, Dancing with Sol… He paused at that, replaying it over and over. He felt his face heat up, the purple spreading over his face. Of all his friends, Sollux had asked him to dance, had slow-danced with him. Eridan eyes widened. This was not happening.

No no no no no…